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3 Types of RV Maintenance

3 Types of RV Maintenance

Getting ready for an extended RV trip, have you had the necessary RV maintenance before you hit the road? Learn about the three types of RV maintenance.

rvAccording to an article at, “RV Maintenance”

“There are three basic types of maintenance for your RV, preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance.

The lack of preventive maintenance and/or scheduled maintenance will eventually result in emergency maintenance. If you don’t check the air pressure in your tires (preventive maintenance) the under-inflated tire over heats and prematurely fails resulting in emergency maintenance.

There are pre-departure safety checks and pre-departure maintenance checks you should make on your RV prior to leaving on a trip. Today we are going to concentrate on some of the maintenance checks you should make before hitting the road.

Check all fluid levels:

A. Engine Oil: Automotive wise this is perhaps the most important PM check you can make. Check your engine oil on a regular basis. Add oil as required, but do not overfill. Consult your owner’s manual for the type of oil to use. Have the oil and oil filter changed at manufacturers service intervals.

B. Transmission Fluid: Transmissions in motorhomes and tow vehicles get worked extremely hard. Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the transmission. Checking and maintaining the fluid will extend the life of the transmission. Follow your owner’s manual for directions on how to check the fluid, i.e. hot, cold, in park, in neutral. Add the proper type of fluid as required, but do not overfill. Have the transmission serviced at manufacturer’s service intervals.” To read the entire article click here.

Remember safety is the key. Don’t forget to stop A1-RV for your RV maintenance so you don’t have any surprises while on the road. For more information contact A1-RV at 775-348-0908 or visit

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