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Working and RV Traveling Full Time

Working and RV Traveling Full Time

Do you feel happiest when traveling in your RV? Are you looking for opportunities to travel full time on the road while earning an income? Here are suggestions of ways to earn an income while RVing full time.

According to an article at, “Ideas for Earning an Income while RVing Full Time”

8634165_s“There are lots of opportunities to work while traveling.   To get your “wheels spinnin” I’ve outlined the most common location independent and workamping opportunities below.  We have not found anything that will make you rich, but it’s enough to cover most expenses.

Campground Service – The most common type of temporary work you’ll find on the road.  You work misc. jobs for the campground (i.e. janitorial, customer service, landscape, check-in, etc).  Typically you receive free stay plus a small hourly rate.

Parkie – Services at many larger national parks are run by private companies.  Jobs can range from cooking, wait staff, hotel staff, maintenance, filling station attendant, and so on.  With this type of arrangement you receive a fair wage, health benefits, and discounted camping in a separate employee area inside the park.  Employment is done by the season, so you might be working the same job for 3-4 months.

Magazine contribution – If you have a knack for writing and/or photography you can sell stories to magazine publications.  It can be difficult to get your first article published, but once you do opportunities will continue to come your way.  If you have valuable content that’s written in the same style as the magazine, don’t hesitate to contact the editor.

Create a website or blog – Anyone can start a blog, and if you’re speaking to a niche market you’ll be surprised at how many items you can get for free during your travel.  Understand that a successful blog is a full time job, and can take years to begin making decent pay if you ever make money at all!

Fulfillment Centers – During busy seasons major online retailers (i.e., Office Max, and Best Buy) hire part-time help.  Some companies cater to the RV crowd by offering free hook-ups for workers.  Do your research before you apply!  Some of these jobs are cutthroat; meaning the work is hard, breaks are limited, and many have no-bull “3 strikes and you’re out” type policies!  I’ve heard mixed reviews from both sides on this type of work.” To read the entire article click here.

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