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Woman and Their Love for the RV Lifestyle in Reno Nevada

Woman and Their Love for the RV Lifestyle in Reno Nevada

Is your dream to own an RV in Reno Nevada? Many women may think that they can’t drive and manage the uptake of an RV, but I’m here to say “you can” learn about one woman’s RV lifestyle.

rv 1According to an article at, “Who Said Woman Can’t Drive an RV

“It bugs me a bit to hear other women say they couldn’t do what I do – no way could they drive a giant motorhome around the country, especially towing a car. It’s not that I can’t relate to their fears, but I can also testify they really can do what I do if they really want to. Feeling fear doesn’t automatically require a full stop. I remember how tiny I felt standing beside motor homes when I was looking for my RV home. I refused to even go inside of a Class A. For the first month I was looking at 24′ class C’s and wondering how I’d ever drive something that big — I was intimidated driving vans, for goodness sake!

But the first time some sneaky salesman got me inside a 36′ Class A, I was hooked — mainly by the humongous windshield that lets me see the sights from a broader perspective than from a truck viewpoint. Once I decided I wanted one, then came getting it and, worse, learning to drive it. I swear, it struck me as almost criminal that they’d give someone as inexperienced as me a license to drive something this big on public streets with no proof at all of my ability other than driving a little car before. Really, shouldn’t there be something more required than just dire warnings of “remember the wide turning radius rule?” Oh, yeah, and don’t forget you can’t stop as fast as you used to. But as scared as I was at first, and even though I warned my neighbors on all sides to watch their mailboxes, I managed to get in and out of my driveway without hitting any. I’d have never guessed then I could become a confident big rig momma.

An RV salesman I came to trust during my hunt told me the reason most people (especially those going fulltime) trade in their RVs is because they bought too small originally. Usually you’ll take more of a financial hit by trading up quickly than you would have by buying bigger to begin with.”

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