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Winter Wonderland RV Vacations in Reno

Winter Wonderland RV Vacations in Reno

While many RV’s are in storage for the winter season. Are you thinking you want an RV winter wonderland trip this season? Here are tips on how to prepare for an RV winter road trip.

RV Trip PlanningAccording to an article at, “RV Winter Season Road Trip”

“RV Tire Chains:

Legally you must carry chains to drive most mountain passes. If you don’t have chains on board and you get busted it’s a hefty fine. We’ve spent winters all over the states, and fortunately we’ve never had to put our chains on. Of course we watch the weather religiously before we plan to drive anywhere. If you’re flexible like we are and you know a storm is coming you have 2 options: 1. Bust out of there ASAP before the snow or 2. Welcome the snow with open arms and extend your reservation a couple more days.

Keep your engine from freezing:

Diesel can freeze! Make sure you fill with winterized diesel which you can find at most truck stops. If you can’t find winterized diesel you need to purchase an additive that will keep your diesel from freezing (you can find this at auto part stores and truck stops). Before you depart your destination you should plug in the heating element found in your diesel engine (most diesel engines have a heated core that you can plug into a wall to keep them from getting too cold) to warm up your engine at least 6 hours before taking off.

Winter RV Campgrounds:

Don’t assume a campground will be open, make sure you contact the resort before you plan a visit. Many campgrounds close during the winter, especially in areas where it snows.” To read the entire article click here.

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