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Winter RV Preparation Tips in Reno

Winter RV Preparation Tips in Reno

Are you the adventurous RV owner, not ready to store the RV for the upcoming winter season? Here are helpful RV preparation tips if you’re planning an RV winter trip.

RV 5According to an article at, “Rving During the Winter Season”

“RVing in winter isn’t the taboo thing today it was in years past. Some of today’s RVs are built to take the cooler weather in stride. For any RVer, here are a few tips to make Winter RVing more enjoyable. Oh, the reason I know quite a lot about this, is because I am a full time RVer who lives in Upstate New York!

Most RVs can handle some winter use, especially if the water system isn’t used. The biggest non-plumbing issue RVers face while attempting “arctic” camping is with condensation, in my opinion. RVs will use quite a bit of fuel attempting to keep the unit warm, and the better insulated RVs will handle this better. But, because the unit is closed up, and we, the people and pets, are respiring within, the moisture content in our breath, not to mention cooking etc., will condense on the cold surfaces, including windows, and anyplace where metal framing touches the interior wall paneling in units so equipped.” To read the entire article click here.

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