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Which is the Best for You a Class B RV or a Camper in Reno?

Which is the Best for You a Class B RV or a Camper in Reno?

Are you at a different stage in life, the kids are off to college? Thinking about some quality time with your spouse on the road; learn about the difference between a Class B RVs and a camper.

2899189_sAccording to an article at, “Did all the Kids Leave for College?” 

“Modern truck campers and Class B RVs have become a first-choice for singles, couples, small families, weekenders and others who appreciate the drivability, maneuverability and fuel-efficiency of these smaller RVs. Truck campers and Class B RVs each have their fans and offer different advantages:

Truck campers: Avid outdoor sports enthusiasts have always been attracted to truck campers. A removable shell that fits onto the chassis of a pick-up truck, truck campers offer two distinct advantages: You can drive them anywhere your truck goes, making them ideal for off-road sports and remote wilderness camping; and you can disconnect your truck when you reach your destination so it can be used independently.

Truck campers range in length from 8 to 15 feet, sleep 4 to 6, and cost between $5,000 and $25,000 new. They are usually equipped with a 2- to 3-burner range, microwave, bar-style refrigerator, sink, toilet/shower, additional outdoor shower, storage, convertible seating, and a sleeping loft over the cab.

Class B motorhomes: Popular with singles and couples, more empty-nesters are downsizing to the cozy confines of more maneuverable, more fuel-efficient Class Bs. Built on a van or panel truck chassis with a raised roof, Class B motorhomes function as both a car and RV, providing vehicle seating and seatbelts for 5 to 7 people that converts into sleeping space for 2 to 4. Their primary advantage is that they drive like a car and offer similar fuel economy. Class B motorhomes are an excellent choice if most of your traveling will be on highways and paved roads. To read the entire article click here.”

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