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When was the Last Time You Took Your RV in for an Oil Change in Reno?

When was the Last Time You Took Your RV in for an Oil Change in Reno?

How many miles has it been since your last oil change? Learn about the recommended RV maintenance for oil changes.

According to an article at, “RV Maintenance”

You should change the engine oil in your RV at or before recommended intervals. The engine and trans in a large RV work very hard and should be treated with care and respect. If you use regular motor oil, you should change your oil every 3,000 miles or so. If you use synthetic oil, you should change oil every 5,000 miles.

Because the engine is working so hard to propel your 18,000 (or more) lbs. monster down the road, you are urged to always change the oil filter whenever you change oil—and this advice applies to both gas and diesel engines.

I also strongly encourage you to switch to synthetic motor oil in your engine. Synthetic motor oil runs cooler, provides better engine lubrication, and thus longer engine life, as well as allowing you to lengthen the time period between oil changes


The transmission in your motorhome is probably the hardest working and most abused part of your rig. Most RVers just get in their coach and drive, up hill and down, letting the transmission decide when it is time to shift.

The engine and transmission can pull a fairly good incline without shifting down— but the temperature in the transmission can climb to levels where the innards are almost frying. Many RVers find that installing a transmission temperature gauge is one of the smartest investments that they have made. Many RVers also add an additional auxiliary transmission cooler to keep their transmission fluid at cooler temperatures.

Because the transmission works so hard to push or pull your motorhome and toad down the road and through the mountains, it is strongly recommended that you change your transmission fluid, and the filter, every two years or so—and when you do, switch to synthetic oil. With synthetic oil, your transmission gets better lubrication, will run about 20-30 degrees cooler, and should give you better service in the long run.” To read the entire article click here.

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