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What’s the RV Maintenance Service That Every RV Owner Should Know?

What’s the RV Maintenance Service That Every RV Owner Should Know?

If your new to RV ownership its best that you understand the three main types of RV maintenance. Learn about the importance and the difference between the three types preventative RV maintenance.

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It doesn’t matter whether you own a pop-up or a diesel pusher, when you made the decision to purchase an RV it was a major investment. Like any other major investment there are certain things we must do to protect it so we can enjoy it. Your RV needs to be maintained just like your house and automobiles need to be maintained. There are three basic types of maintenance for your RV: preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance is maintenance you perform on your RV before a problem exists. Preventive maintenance consists of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, adjusting and servicing your RV. Preventive maintenance is really nothing more than common sense maintenance. Before you take your next trip put some time aside to look things over. It could be the difference between a safe and enjoyable trip and a costly disastrous one.

Scheduled Maintenance or routine maintenance is performed in intervals normally based on time, mileage or hours. Scheduled maintenance is designed to keep your RV in top operating condition and prevent untimely breakdowns and repairs. It is absolutely essential that you read your owner’s manual and warranty information in regards to who is responsible for what when it comes to scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance that is required by the manufacturer and not performed can void your warranty.

Emergency Maintenance – Maintenance and or repairs required when you least expect it due to component, system or mechanical failure.” To read the entire article click here.

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