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What You Should Know When Purchasing an RV in Reno Nevada

What You Should Know When Purchasing an RV in Reno Nevada

Are you considering purchasing an RV so you can enjoy the beauty that winter has to offer? Here are tips on what to look for when purchasing an RV in Reno Nevada. 

rv 1According to an article at, “Buying an RV in the Winter”

“Finding the best RV for winter is a mix of buying a solid model and then adding on specific winterizing features, as needed for the locale in which you anticipate spending a lot of the winter months. While you are shopping around for just the right model, there are a number of features you must carefully consider:

Style: Choose from a motor home, travel trailer, or fifth wheel trailer. Cost varies along with the different models. A motor home is significantly more expensive than a fifth wheel trailer, which in turn may be more expensive than a regular travel trailer.

Options: Select an RV that features an arctic package. Part and parcel of such a package are dual thermal pane windows, added roof and floor insulation and pre-installed heating pads for the waste water, fresh water, and in many cases also the sewage tanks. Depending on the kind of optional arctic package you choose, manufacturers offer varying temperature guarantees.

Warranty Work: Choose your brand of RV carefully, especially if you anticipate a lot of nationwide travel. Warranty work is only available from mechanics licensed by the various manufacturers to work on their rigs.

Common Pitfalls

Keep a close eye on the water pipes, or you will find that they freeze during cold weather. This is especially true for a fifth wheel or travel trailer. While a motor home may feature options for heating the water tanks and water lines, these rigs are usually bigger and heavier than their counterparts that lack this equipment. Of course, when driving on roads that are soggy from recent snows and subsequent melting, you will find that a smaller fifth wheel is a lot easier to navigate than a big rig.”

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