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What You Should Know Before You Purchase a Previously Owned RV in Reno Nevada

What You Should Know Before You Purchase a Previously Owned RV in Reno Nevada

If you’re thinking about purchasing a previously owned RV in Reno Nevada; do you know the important questions to ask? To make the process easier here are questions that you may want consider asking your RV dealer.

According to an article at, “Purchasing a Used RV”

“Before leaving the house, write down any questions you may have about the pictures you’ve seen in the newspaper or online. Examples of good questions to ask are:

How old is the RV?

How much does it weigh? This is an important question – if it’s too heavy for your tow vehicle, you have three choices – a) get a new tow vehicle, b) buy a different trailer, or c) pay someone to tow it. The last isn’t so bad if the RV is purchased and used as a residence.

Are you the first owner? If you see dents, ask if it’s been in an accident- try to get a reasonable explanation of the dent (bigger than a “road-ping”).

Do you have clear title? How about registration? These may not be required in all states- check with your local DMV first to find out what RVs/trailers need to have. Some states also require safety inspections, so be prepared to ask the seller for the information. (In some states, the lost title process isn’t worth it – pass.) If the seller is working “for a friend,” ask to see the title first. If the “friend” is “looking for it,” state you’ll be back when the friend finds it.

Have there been any water/gas leaks? Are there any problems with the electric? If so, what, where and are they fixed? See the sites for yourself.

How long has the RV been sitting? When was the last time it was used? If the holding tanks or water lines weren’t properly taken care of, there could be expensive problems.

If any seller has a problem with simple questions, walk. There are other trailers in the world.

2. Do a general walk-around outside the trailer. Note any stains on the ground or pavement – ask about them. Tires shouldn’t be flat, shouldn’t show signs of dry-rot or bald spots. Note if the tires are different sizes. This does happen, and it’s a sign to leave.

Note any stains around the window/door seals. This could be evidence of serious water leaks, and the interior wood frame could be rotted.”

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