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What Type of RV Lifestyle is Your Family in Reno Nevada?

What Type of RV Lifestyle is Your Family in Reno Nevada?

What’s your RV lifestyle in Reno Nevada? Did you know that in the RV world there are 4 main types of RV lifestyle? Here are some fun facts about the amazing lifestyle as an RV enthusiast.

According to an article at, “RV Lifestyle

“There are four basic ones, if you break it all down. You have the campers/weekenders, the vacationers,  the snowboarders, and of course then you have the full-timers.


“The weekenders usually just go out for the weekend. Part of the family works and they want to take the kids for two to three days.


“And then of course, you have your vacationers that camp out of their RVs. They are the people who plan vacations for a week or two weeks. These usually include the longer vacations.


“We then have what we call the Snowboarders. These people come from up north. They can be from Canada or anywhere in the “Snow” states. They come down to the South where they find nice weather where they can evade or get away from the snow. So, they could be “Snowboarding” for 3 to 6 months.


“Finally, we have our Full-timers. These are people who have developed a full time RV life style. They are traveling or setting in certain spots in nice locations where there are oceans or lakes or things like that.

“I’m more of a vacationer and a weekender. I go to bike rallies. I have a toy hauler. I also have a unit set up at the lake too. So I have two units.”

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