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What to Pay Close Attention to When Buying a Used RV in Sparks Nevada

What to Pay Close Attention to When Buying a Used RV in Sparks Nevada

What are common newbie mistakes made when purchasing a used RV? Here are tips of what not to overlook when purchasing a used RV.

RVsAccording to an article at, “Don’t Overlook these Common Areas When Buying a Used RV”

“1. Water damage: Water can do expensive structural damage to any RVs in short order. The obvious is water stains on the ceiling, but you need to look deeper. Bubbling or spongy interior wall covering, soft spots in the floor, and worst of all, delamination of the exterior fiberglass walls.

When water migrates into the walls the result is most often the separation of ply’s in the plywood that is just below the surface of the fiberglass covered walls. If there is even a small area blistered or bubbled on the exterior surface, the problem can be widespread. This isn’t a condition that can be practically and cost effectively addressed. Repairs are expensive and the resale value will be dramatically reduced. If you see delamination starting, just walk away. This isn’t something you can fix.

2. Sun Damage: RVs spend most of their life sitting outside and direct sunlight will dry rot fabric and fade both interior and exterior materials. Sun rotted fabrics become stiff and brittle and will likely crumble and crack with even moderate use. Plastic fixtures turn a sickly yellow and often become brittle and easily broken.

3. Old Tires: Even with low mileage tires continue to age. They may look fine at first, but if they are more than 7 years old they will soon be checking and cracking. The potential for damage or injury is great because the tire will fail unexpectedly and instantly. There will be no slow leak, it will come apart, often at speed, easily putting you in an out of control situation.” To read the entire article click here.

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