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What to Consider When Switching to RVing on a Full-time Basis in Reno

What to Consider When Switching to RVing on a Full-time Basis in Reno

Is full time RV living on the horizon for your future? Here are helpful tips to consider when you go from an RV vacationer to RVer full time.

RV TravelingAccording to an article at, “RVing full-time Tips”

“When the subject of full-timing comes up, the same general questions are raised. We’ll try to cover most of them here for you.
Can I afford it?

People always ask, “What does it take to full-time?”. The answer is really very simple… whatever you have. Just as with living in a regular house or apartment, you live there using whatever financial resources you have. It is no different when living in an RV. The more money you have, the more you will spend. We live on $1472 per month just fine, others can’t fathom that.

What do I do with all my stuff?

  • Get rid of it all. This is what we did…
  • Sell items at a yard sale or consignment shop, pocket the money.
  • Donate it to your favorite charity, a needy family, veterans, etc.
  • Throw it away because it wasn’t worth anything to anyone but you. 
  • Scan pictures and give the originals to family members.
  • Give keepsake and heirloom items to kids, relatives.
  • Remember, it’s just “stuff”. Your life is more than “stuff”.

Put it in storage or have family keep it.

  • Get ready for a monthly storage fee!
  • Worry about if and when you will be back to see your stuff.
  • What about damage or theft while it is in storage?
  • Will your family get tired of storing your stuff?
  • Are you keeping things in case you might quit fulltiming?
  • Uh oh, sounds like second thoughts there.

Keep your house and all your stuff in it.

  • Grats on being able to afford that.
  • Great if you think you might change your mind.
  • Good if you think you’ll be homeless without it.” To read the entire article click here.

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