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What to Consider When Purchasing Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Reno Nevada

What to Consider When Purchasing Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Reno Nevada

Trying to find the best recreational vehicle insurance in Reno Nevada? Here are few tips when purchasing RV insurance.

According to an article at, “Tips on Getting RV Insurance”

“When most people think of RVs, pleasant thoughts of leisure and travel generally come to mind. What is usually never at the first of the list of thoughts regarding RVs is a tragic accident. RV insurance is one of those things in life that you are happy to have and hope you never use. Almost all states require that you have some form of insurance for your RV; it just makes good sense, regardless of the law requiring it. If you plan on buying RV insurance soon, here are a few tips to consider:

If you don’t plan on living in your RV, and you only use it for short, small trips, you may actually want to consult your current homeowners insurance and see if it is covered by that policy. If not, you may want to call your insurance agent and ask if there is a rider that can be purchased to include your RV on your homeowner’s policy. If so, what’s the coverage and for how much? Be certain to get a complete picture of exactly what is covered and what the limitations of the coverage are before proceeding.

Often you can save money by adding your RV onto to your homeowner’s policy, but certain restrictions apply. A common restriction is the RV must not be registered for road use. If this is a restriction, be certain not to violate it. The financial damage of having an uninsured accident could be catastrophic.”

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