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What to Consider When Planning an RV Trip in Reno Nevada

What to Consider When Planning an RV Trip in Reno Nevada

Are you overdue for a vacation? Want to make your RV trip planning easier with a few helpful tips?  Here are few tips to keep your vacation planning stress free in Reno Nevada.

Reno RV Traveling According to an at, “Going on Vacation in Your RV

“Planning a road trip to take in a recreational vehicle amounts to preparing for a glorified camping trip. Many of the logistics are the same, such as where you stop along the way, but an RV road trip offers greater flexibility and amenities than a basic camping trip. RV ownership allows vacationers the ability to plan a road trip whenever the opportunity arises, but renting an RV is also an affordable and enjoyable way to travel. Whether you own or rent, taking an RV road trip is a practical alternative to a cruise or renting a beach house, especially if an inexpensive vacation is the goal. Planning your trip requires setting a budget, choosing a destination, stocking the RV, planning a driving route and selecting camping sites.

  1. Set a budget for your road trip. Rental fees and gas will be among the more expensive considerations if you’re renting. If you’re an RV owner, you’ll still have to pay for maintenance and any damage done on your trip. Call or visit the websites of local rental agencies to find special promotions, discounts and incentives. Fancy RV models can be costly to rent and the basic models provide all the necessary amenities. A typical C-class motor home is easy to maneuver and provides adequate space. Standard options include air conditioning and heat, beds, a toilet and shower, microwave, table, small stove and mini-refrigerator.
  2. Choose a suitable destination, factoring in time and distance. Road trips are fun because the journey is as important as the destination, but having an exciting destination will make the trip even better. Your destination should be a place that can be navigated in an RV and shouldn’t be too far to reach comfortably on your trip. An RV road trip should be flexible enough to allow for spontaneous decisions along the way. You can stop to enjoy a lovely mountainside, lake resort or hidden valley whenever you want.”

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