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What Interests You In an RV in Reno Nevada?

What Interests You In an RV in Reno Nevada?

Are you confused about which RV to purchase in Reno Nevada? Here are tips to help you decide the advantages of owning an RV or a trailer.

According to an article at, “Tips for Finding the Best RV

“The secret to finding the right RV is to first determine your personal interests and needs then find the RV that comes closest to satisfying them.

Consider your interests first. Where will you be going in your RV? What will you be doing when you get there? The family that wants an RV for weekend camping trips will be shopping for a different type and size vehicle than the retired couple who plans to travel for extended periods of time.

Next, think about your needs. You’ll need adequate sleeping, eating and storage space for the usual number of occupants. This may also be the time to determine if you’ll need extra storage space for large hobby or recreational items. Don’t overlook those must-have options. Air conditioning may be a frivolous luxury for some but an absolute necessity for others.

Vicki: Decide which type of RV you want. There are two categories of RVs, towed and self-propelled. Each has distinct advantages and considerations.

Towed RVs (folding, travel and fifth-wheel trailers) offer a number of advantages. Upon reaching their camping destination, travelers can disconnect their towed vehicles and use them for running errands and sightseeing. Owners of trailers also have the financial benefit of being able to use their tow vehicle 365 days a year.

Self-propelled RVs (motorhomes, van campers and truck campers) offer easy maneuverability and on-the-road passenger comfort and convenience. The self-propelled RV also has the advantage of being able to tow a boat, horse or equipment trailer to the camping destination.

Many motorhome owners have found that towing a small car solves the transportation problem once they arrive at their destination.”

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