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What Do Have In Your RV Pantry in Reno Nevada?

What Do Have In Your RV Pantry in Reno Nevada?

The truth of the matter is traveling in an RV can be challenging due to space issues especially when spending a lot time on the road in Reno Nevada. Want some RV tips on how to stock up on the essential kitchen supplies needed for the road.

rvAccording to an article at, “Is Your RV Pantry Ready for the Road?”

Vacationing in an RV is an excellent way to see the country without leaving the comforts of home, but it’s no fun when you’re not prepared.

All of these ideas draw heavily on your well-stocked pantry and will keep your on-the-road shopping to a minimum.

Hitting the Road

Regardless of whether you have a deluxe motor coach or a popup tent trailer, galley space in a recreational vehicle is tight. It is temptingly easy to fill up the available storage space with your favorite kitchen gadgets and not have room for the food. A vacation is meant to be relaxing, and as such, meal preparation should not be a chore. A judiciously stocked galley will ensure you have just the equipment you need, and plenty of supplies to allow creativity in meal planning.

Be Prepared

Condiments and seasonings are, not surprisingly, the spice of life–they will help add variety to your meals. As with the equipment, versatility is helpful. If all you have is canned chili, then chili is what’s for dinner. Canned beans, however, can be turned into chili, served as a side dish, made into a salad for a picnic, or even mashed into a dip. Having pasta and pasta sauce on hand is great for when you’re tired from a long day of exploring and boiling water is about all the cooking you want to do!

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

As storage space is limited, you will want to take as little equipment as possible in order to maximize the space available for your supplies. Equipment and tools should be as multi-purpose as possible: a pair of large, flat pot lids–or even dinner plates–can be used to cover skillets, saucepans, and large pots alike. Not only can a colander strain your spaghetti, it will also double as a serving bowl for a salad (dressing on the side, of course) or popcorn. Leave the specialty knives at home! It is a rare recipe indeed that requires more than a sharp paring knife and 10-inch chef’s knife. A serrated bread knife can also come in handy.”

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