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Want to Purchase a Travel Trailer in Reno Nevada?

Want to Purchase a Travel Trailer in Reno Nevada?

Are you considering purchasing a travel trailer in Reno Nevada? Here are tips on what to consider when purchasing a travel trailer.

29sb-1024x768According to an article at, “Tips on How to Find a Travel Trailer

“A great travel trailer tends not to sit in the driveway for long. It beckons you, and you’ll want to hitch it up every chance you get to go camping. But if you end up with a bad travel trailer — perhaps one that is too large and cumbersome for you, or one that is awkward to set up — you will shudder with displeasure at its sight instead. Buying a new travel trailer is not so much about picking the right equipment, but more about identifying the perfect camping experience for you.

Step 1

Set your budget for how much you want to spend on a new travel trailer. Prices start at under $20,000 for basic models, but can go as high as $100,000 for a fancy unit loaded with options. Travel trailer lots are packed with different units, and by deciding your budget first, you refine the list of trailers to consider. Then you can focus only on the affordable units, and not be tempted buy an RV out of your price range.

Step 2

Calculate the weight of trailer that you can tow based on the vehicle that you are towing with. Your owner’s manual for the towing vehicle lists the maximum weight that the vehicle can tow. This weight usually is based on a trailer that is fully loaded with gear and supplies, called its gross vehicle weight (GVW). When looking at travel trailers, be sure you are reading the GVW and not the dry trailer weight. Because a travel trailer is pulled from a hitch attached to the bumper, both trucks and SUVs can tow them. Make sure that the hitch installed on your vehicle is rated to haul your new travel trailer as well.

Step 3

Select the type of travel trailer that you want to camp in. Travel trailers can have tent siding that pops out on the end, offer parking for ATVs or motorcycles with a fold-down ramp in the rear, or come as a plain boxed exterior.”

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