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Want to Get an Early Start on De-Winterizing Your RV?

Want to Get an Early Start on De-Winterizing Your RV?

Once the weather starts to get warmer you’ll see more and more people pulling out there RVs for the upcoming camping season. Here’s a step by step RV checklist on how to de-winterize your RV.

rv 1According to an article, “RV Checklist”

If the unit was winterized you need to get it ready for use by de-winterizing it. With the bypass for the water heater still in the bypass mode, connect up a hose to your city water connection.

  1. Turn the water on and run the taps in the coach until you have no more coloring of the antifreeze.

  2. Run all the taps, both hot and cold, flush the toilet, and if you have an exterior shower, run water through both hot and cold.

  3. Once the water runs clear for all taps then turn the bypass into the normal mode. This will allow you to fill the hot water tank.

  4. In order for the hot water tank to fill right up you will need to open a hot water tap until all the air finishes coming out and you have a steady stream of water.

  5. Fill the fresh water tank. As this is filling up, you can check inside cupboards, and exterior compartments where water lines run for any signs of leakage from the system.

  6. Now that the hot water tank is full of water, you can run it through the cycle on 120VAC and also with propane as a fuel.

If you have a towed vehicle, you need to hook it up and make sure that the hitch, etc. is all working properly.” To read the entire article click here.

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