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Understanding Your RV Refrigerator in Reno Nevada

Understanding Your RV Refrigerator in Reno Nevada

Do you need to replace the refrigerator in your RV in Reno Nevada? Here are tips to help the decision process run smoothly.  

RV TravelingAccording to an article at, “Choosing an RV Refrigerator”

“Some factors to examine when looking at RV refrigerators include the power supply, size, and extra features, such as ice makers. An RV refrigerator can run on electricity, gas, or both, so choosing the right one can rely on how and where it will be used. A portable electric fridge is another option if an RV refrigerator breaks down and is too expensive to repair or replace.

Most RV refrigerators work on the principle of absorption, and ammonia is heated up and subsequently condensed to extract heat from the interior of the fridge and freezer. The two ways that this is commonly accomplished are with an electrical heating element or by burning liquid petroleum gas (LPG). Some RV refrigerators only operate on propane, while others work only on electricity. If a motorhome is going to be used in a variety of different conditions, a two way or three way RV refrigerator is typically the right choice. These units can operate on LPG, alternating current (AC), or direct current (DC), and are often able to switch back and forth automatically.”

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