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Understanding Your RV Holding Tank

Understanding Your RV Holding Tank

If you’re a newbie to owning an RV, do you understand how the holding tank system works? Learn about the difference in the three holding tanks. 

RV6According to an article at, “RV Water System”

“Most motor homes and travel trailers (except very small trailers and pop-up campers) have three tanks as part of their water and waste systems:

The fresh water tank

  • provides water for washing dishes, showers and flushing the toilet. Some people use water from their fresh water tank for drinking, others prefer to buy bottled water. The fresh water tank is filled using a clean hose, one reserved for use with drinking water, which is connected to safe drinking water from a city water system or a well. Generally, a white hose is used exclusively for this purpose, and is stored separately from other hoses so that it doesn’t become contaminated.

The gray water tank

  • is used to collect used kitchen and bath water and stores it until it can be dumped safely into a campground sewer system.

The black water tank

  • stores used toilet water and waste until it can be safely dumped into a septic system.” To read the entire article click here.

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