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Understanding the Cost and Benefits of Owning an RV

Understanding the Cost and Benefits of Owning an RV

Are you debating the cost associated traveling in an RV vs. staying in a motel? Learn about the options you have when you own an RV.

RV Trip PlanningAccording to an article at, “Purchasing an RV”

“The various costs associated with traveling mean that even a vacation can be a time to pinch pennies. Owning an RV is one way to travel, while renting a motel room offers a different experience. While neither option is guaranteed to be less expensive than the other, the distance you want to travel and the vacation destinations you prefer may determine whether an RV or a motel provides the most savings.

RV Costs

Unlike a stay in a motel, the cost of an RV extends far beyond the initial purchase price. Many buyers choose to finance their RVs, which means they pay interest on top of the sales price. Routine maintenance, fuel, vehicle registration and inspections all contribute to the annual cost of owning an RV. As you use an RV, you’ll need to pay for sites in campgrounds and RV parks, adding to the cost of a vacation.

RV Savings

Despite the many costs associated with owning an RV, you may still be able to save money when compared with staying in a motel. Motel rates tend to be much higher than the nightly cost of a campsite or RV park site. Motel rates also rise during times of peak demand, such as summer holidays or weekends. If you own an RV, the cost of using it is more predictable and easier to budget for. Finally, when you decide to sell an RV, you will receive money based on its value, which isn’t applicable to a motel.” To read the entire article click here.

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