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Tips to Prolong the Life of Your RV in Reno Nevada

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your RV in Reno Nevada

Want to prolong the life of your RV in Reno Nevada? Here are RV maintenance tips to keep your RV in tip-top-shape.

Reno RV Traveling According to an article at, “RV Maintenance Tips”

“As the owner of a transmission shop, I offer these few tips to keep your RV on the road: 

Install an automatic transmission fluid temperature gauge. The transmission in your RV is most likely nothing more than a heavy-duty pickup truck transmission. Yet, RV’s require more of their transmissions than the pickups do. The increased load on your transmission usually translates into more heat. As the temperature of the transmission fluid rises, the risk of serious damage to your RV increases. By installing a temperature gauge, you will be able to monitor your transmission fluid temperature and possibly prevent repairs, ranging from changing your transmission fluid to replacing your entire transmission. 

Don’t ignore your check engine light. When the check engine light comes on, you should be concerned even if your RV seems to drive normally. With the use of modern computers, a mechanic should be able to easily discern whether or not your check engine light is a cause for concern. If you routinely work on you RV, then consider purchasing an OBDII code reader for less than $250. Used in conjunction with a code definition manual, you may save time and expense. 

Maintain and monitor your transmission fluid level and condition. Leaks are one of the primary reasons for transmission failures. Your owner’s manual can tell you how to verify proper fluid level. Many manuals suggest checking fluid while the engine is running at operating temperature and the RV is in park or neutral. When you check the fluid level, also look at the color. Transmission fluid should be red and does not smell. Dark fluid with a burnt smell could be indicative of a serious problem or a clue that a fluid or filter change is necessary. In addition to recommendations on the proper way to check fluid levels in your RV, the owner’s manual will also suggest the frequency of fluid changes.”

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