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Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your RV in Reno Nevada

Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your RV in Reno Nevada

Are you taking care of your RV exterior properly? Learn how you can extend the life of your RV in Reno Nevada.

rv 3According to an article at, “Maintaining Your RV

“Over time the roof and exterior of your RV begin to show signs of wear, caused by the constant exposure to the elements. Ozone in the air and ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun start to take their toll, which is first evident by signs of fading paint. The ozone in the air also causes products like rubber and vinyl to dry out, crack, and start to deteriorate. The UV rays from the sun make this aging process happen quicker. If at all possible you should try to keep your RV covered when not using it, to help protect it from Mother Nature.

Maintaining the exterior of your RV contributes to extending the life of the RV and protecting your investment. If you let your RV go, without cleaning it for periods of time it can be very difficult to get that new look back. Maintaining the exterior of your RV primarily consists of routine inspections, cleaning and lubricating items on the RV.

Exterior finishes begin to deteriorate over time. To extend the life of the exterior wash the RV frequently using a mild soap and water solution. You should always try to wash your RV after returning from a trip. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. When washing the RV avoid spraying water directly into any appliance vents.

Metal sidewall finishes require routine maintenance to keep black streaks cleaned from the surface. If black streaks remain on metal sidewall finishes for prolonged periods of time it can be extremely difficult to clean or remove them. Use a commercial black streak remover. Test all cleaning solutions on a small portion of the RV’s graphics before using them.”

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