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Time to Go RV Shopping in Reno Nevada

Time to Go RV Shopping in Reno Nevada 

Did you consider buying a used RV? Well, if you did you’re in luck buying a used RV has many benefits. Here are helpful tips to consider when inspecting a used RV for purchase.

rv 1According to an article at, “What to Inspect When Purchasing a Used RV”

“Inspecting a Used RV

Now let’s explore the things you should be looking for when you inspect a used RV you’re considering buying.

The key to getting a good bargain, instead of a lemon, when buying your used RV is knowing what to look for. Here is a useful checklist to help with your search.

1. Does the trailer jack work?

2. Do the propane bottles need updating and inspection? This can be costly if the bottles need to be replaced. Generally, if an RV propane tank is older than twelve years, it will have to be re-inspected every five years. Also, it is mandatory that the propane tank have an OPD valve. If you don’t know what an OPD valve is, the official description is “Overfilling Protection Device”.

3. Check the hoses leading away from the propane bottle for cracks and splits. You do not want a leaking propane connection. Check the nut that screws into the propane tank. Is it worn? If so, it may need to be replaced.

4. The LP Gas regulator is usually located just a few inches away from the propane tanks. You’ll see the hoses leading from the propane tanks into a device with one pipe at the bottom of it that runs beneath the RV. Regulators begin to leak when they are approximately ten years old. For your information, leaking propane is not a good thing. Don’t hesitate to replace the regulator if it is leaking.

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5. Batteries are often dead, or not too far from dead, in an older RV. Check and make sure it still works. If the bulbs inside burn bright, the battery(s) may still be in decent condition.

6. Does the converter still work? What’s a converter? Well, it is a device that recharges your battery and converts regular household electrical current from AC to DC allowing your 12-Volt fixtures and appliances to operate. Test this by plugging in the electrical cord and unhooking the battery (unhook the battery before you plug in the RV power cord to prevent electrocution). If the 12-Volt lights and water pump still work, the converter is still working.” To read the entire article click here.

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