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The Latest in RV Technology

The Latest in RV Technology 

Looking forward to the upcoming camping season? Before you start taking inventory of your camping gear, learn about the latest in RV technology.

RV 5According to an article at, “The 2014 RV Season”

The technology boom of the past decade has even impacted the recreational vehicle industry. Advances in comfort and safety are changing the perception of the industry.

Fun Town RV experts in always-sunny Texas were asked to steer through the coming 2014 RV season, and in particular, new technological advances in 5th wheels and travel trailers.

It is already evident that the technological boom of the past decade has influenced the RV industry. Wi-Fi connectivity and digital appliances are becoming standard. In 2014, significant and incremental advances in design and comfort will take the RV experience to a new level.

Improved “Towability”

Many technological gains have been made in the suspension and braking systems of today’s 5th wheels and travel trailers. You might be surprised to know the same shock absorbers you would find on your truck are tucked under your RV. This helps protect the quality cabinetry and appliances on the inside while giving a smoother, more comfortable towing experience to the driver.” To read the entire article click here.

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