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The Importance of RV Tire Maintenance in Reno Nevada

The Importance of RV Tire Maintenance in Reno Nevada

When was the last time you checked your tires on your RV in Reno Nevada? Now, you may ask why are tires so important; two reasons to remember RV tires are exposed to extreme weather conditions and large loads. Learn about the proper RV tire maintenance and when you should visit A1-RV for RV repairs.

According to an article at, “RV Maintenance Tips”

“Every RV is supported by tires. From truck-mounted campers to diesel pushers, all tires are made the same, and age the same. The tires used on RVs are exposed to a greater variety of conditions than automobile tires. More often than not, the tires are not driven on for extended periods of time, and when they are, they are used at or near maximum loads in weather that is extremely hot, cold and everything in-between.

The normal, natural aging of rubber, added to the damage created by ozone oxidizing, causes the rubber to crack, especially in the tire’s sidewalls. Part of your maintenance program should be to have a qualified tire professional inspect them before any long trip. Tires that are more than five years old should not be trusted and should be inspected regularly because cracking gets progressively worse as time goes on.

There are a number of things you need to know to get the best wear from your tires. First, be aware that a tire’s tread life is directly related to the load it must carry. Keep this in mind when reviewing the service you have received from your tires. If your tires are subjected to maximum loads at all times, they will wear faster. Careful thought should be given to your loaded RV. Most are loaded to or beyond their maximum load rating. This will age the sidewalls of the tires faster. Conversely, if you carry very light loads, you can expect longer tread life from your tires. The relationship between the air pressure you maintain in the tires and resultant tire wear is critical. Also, rotating your RV tires to maintain even wear is important.

Remember that your RV tires wear differently than your car tires. An automobile will go through a set of tires in 40,000 miles and three years, almost always lightly-loaded. An RV tire can be on the brink of catastrophic failure with only 10,000 miles and five years of use. The key is to be vigilant; have a professional inspect your tires frequently, especially before long trips.

Be safe and enjoy the RV life.”

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