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The Importance of RV Maintenance in Reno Nevada

The Importance of RV Maintenance in Reno Nevada

What’s one issue that RV owners come across in Reno Nevada when they pull out the RV for summer traveling? Learn how many RV owners are surprised by an unpleasant roof or window leak after a long winter.

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“Want to be a happy camper this summer?

Then make sure to do some preventive maintenance before hitting the road with your travel trailer or motor home.

That’s the advice from two Livingston County repair shop owners.

“I have a truck camper that’s from 1976. It’s all about maintenance,” said Doug Walters of Camper/Trailer Parts & Repair in Handy Township, west of Fowlerville.

Matt Schroeder of Schroeder’s Body Shop & RV Repair in Howell agrees.

“With good maintenance, you can get 15 years or more out of a camper or motor home easily,” Schroeder said. “You have to do your maintenance on it or it’s not going to last. It’s like (taking care of) a car.”

Both agree that probably the biggest threat to campers is moisture. Owners need to make sure their roof seals and windows don’t leak.

“Leaking is a big problem because nobody does anything about it until they see the problem inside. Once you see the problem inside, it’s probably been leaking two or three years already,” Walters said.

Campers that are not properly covered during the winter months are more at risk for leaks. Schroeder recommends getting the roof caulked in the fall.”

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