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The Importance Of Proper Preparation For Your RV Trip

America is a land that was built for RV travel … big … open … scenic … beautiful … truly special – with lots to see and do. Its people are warm and friendly and, almost without exception, welcome travelers with open arms.

So it should come as no surprise that there are seemingly countless Americans who choose to spend their vacations each year traveling America’s highways. It’s exciting and the country is 100% tourist-friendly.

Now, it’s true that many Americans who go on vacation choose a single destination and, once they arrive (generally by airplane), stay there. It may be a beach resort or a big city. The location doesn’t matter. What counts is that this kind of vacation is “the norm” … very typical.

But there is another group of Americans that chooses to enjoy its vacation time in an entirely different way …

I’m talking about RV travelers. Yes, in the United States today, vast numbers of people opt to buy or rent a RV (Recreational Vehicle or Camper) and use it to travel America’s roads. It’s a great way to enjoy a vacation because those who choose to travel this way experience remarkable flexibility. And for those who have a “bit of wanderlust,” it is sheer joy.

Moreover, and more importantly, RV travelers have with them, at all times, a kitchen, sleeping facilities, bathroom facilities – their own “always available mobile hotel.” It makes traveling much easier and more manageable.

But, and this is a big but, RV travelers need to plan their trips carefully – in advance – to assure that their time away from home will be filled with pleasure, fun … and “no hassles.”

Unlike those who choose to spend their vacations in a hotel where all of their needs are taken care of by doting hotel staff, RV travelers enjoy no such luxury. They need to make sure, before their trip begins, that their preparation covers every possible eventuality … that all of their needs will be met – effortlessly and efficiently so that their trips are not ruined.

If you are a RV traveler, you probably know that there is a lot of planning involved in your pre-trip preparation. And all of it is important. Handle this preparation effectively and chances are good that your RV vacation will be a smashing success – whether you are “on the road” for a few days or for a few weeks or months.

Here is everything you need to do to properly prepare for an RV Vacation

  • Create your Trip Itinerary … It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn that many RV owners and renters “just take off” with no plan that includes a pre-determined route … no anticipated destinations or stopovers … no listings of RV Parks where they can stay – nothing.  And while it may “seem adventurous,” this lack of planning generally leads to trouble, unanticipated problems – a failed trip.
  • Select RV Parks – well in advance – for overnight stays, or longer … to assure that your trip is smooth and hassle-free. If you know where you’re going to “park your RV’ before you get there, you’ll never have to worry about finding a park after arriving at a destination. This is just a sensible approach to RV Travel … and very necessary.
  • Create a simple “Dos and Don’ts” List and take it with you when you travel. Keep it where you can look at it daily, if necessary … and stick to “the plan.” The list should include things to avoid doing while you’re on the road and things that are okay to do. Call it your “common sense” list.
  • Make plans to keep your home secure and your pets safe … hire someone to stay at your home or, if you elect not to do that, advise your local police department that you will be away so that they can pass by your home daily to make sure it has not been “visited” by strangers. If you have pets, put them in a kennel – short-term, of course, or leave them with friends or family.
  • Create a Complete Packing List … and include everything you need for the trip – from clothing to cosmetics … first aid to food products … recreational equipment to prepaid tickets for events you plan to attend – everything you know you will need.

There may be even more that you can do, such as finding out if “special events” like shows, parades, sporting competitions and more will be held in the locations you plan to visit. Once done, choose the events that interest you, purchase the tickets before you leave home … and, of course, take them with you.

RV vacations are an American tradition, popular with millions of people. They can – and should – be fun … if you engage in proper preparation well before you get behind the wheel and hit the road.

Travel the right way. Prepare in advance and then … enjoy the trip … the scenery … and the great people you are sure to meet.

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