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The Difference in Class A and Class C RV in Reno Nevada

The Difference in Class A and Class C RV in Reno Nevada

Are you treating yourself this holiday season with a new RV? Before you sign on the dotted line do you understand the difference between an RV Class A and C? Here are tips to help you understand the differences in RV purchase in Reno Nevada.

According to an article at, “RV Class A and RV Class C”

“Class A advantages: They sit higher for better viewing of the road ahead. Class A’s usually have higher ceilings inside for more space. The average Class A typically has a better turning radius than a Class C’s. Most A’s can tow more than the average Class C. This could mean the difference between someone buying a C or A, they might have to tow a large vehicle or boat behind them. A’s tow around 5,000-8,000 lbs. while C’s tow around 3,500-5,000lbs. The Class A RV, can also give a person more room because, they have bigger slide-outs on them which can open the unit up a lot when they arrive to their destination. Don’t forget that most of the A’s come with a lot more bells and whistles like, leveling jacks, flat screen TV’s, bigger motors, more holding capacity on tanks, more luxuries in general.

Class A RV disadvantages: The Class A can cost substantially more than a Class C. The sizes may come a lot bigger but, that can be a down fall, due to the fact that most campgrounds and RV parks only accommodate certain sizes. This can limit an RVer’s choices on where they want or can stay. Also, Class A’s can cost more to buy, insure and maintain (check with your insurer and local RV service shop ).

Class C advantages: They sit lower to the ground which can make some people feel more comfortable. They are easier to store if one is limited on the space they have to store it. Class C’s cost less which is perfect if someone is just looking to get into their first RV. This type of RV is family friendly because; most Class C’s have more sleeping in them. Given the fact that they have the overhead bed, and nowadays can contain bunk beds (FYI so can some A’s).”

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