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The Decision to Downsize to Live in Your RV Full Time in Reno

The Decision to Downsize to Live in Your RV Full Time in Reno

RV full time is definitely a huge lifestyle change in a positive way. Not sure how to transition from a home to a RV? Here are RV tips to help you transition to RV full time.

7579092_sAccording to an article at, “Downsizing from Home to RV”

The biggest piece of advice I can give to you is to start preparation early. In addition to the things you want to take with you, you must think about the things you needto take with you. Or at least you need to have easy access to.

Multiple Piles to Sort

When downsizing you have 3 categories of items.

  1. Things you want to keep and are important enough to pay for storage.

  2. Things you no longer need or want and must dispose of either by selling, donating, gifting, shredding or just tossing.

  3. Things you want or need to take with you on the road.

This may sound easy, but it wasn’t. Of course category three is the most important but also the hardest pile to determine. As all RVers know, space and weight is limited, so you really must need and/or want it before you store it on board.” To read the entire article click here.

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