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The Best RV Traveling Tips For the Pet Lover in Reno

The Best RV Traveling Tips For the Pet Lover in Reno

Does your RV travels include traveling with your pets? When traveling with your four legged friends, here are tips how to keep your furry loved ones safe.

IMGP1299According to an article at, “How to Travel with Pets”

“Make sure vaccinations are up-to-date.
Visit the vet before you go on your trip. Make sure your pet is current on all shots and medications. Keep a good supply of necessary pet medicines with you as you travel.

Know the park or campground pet policy.
Call ahead or look on their web site for the pet policy. Yes, the policy applies to you if you have a pet so please do the park and your fellow RVers a favor and abide by it.

Pick up after your pet.
If your pet does his business, it is your job to pick it up. Don’t pretend to pick it up, really pick it up and dispose of it in a trash container. You can get pet leashes that have poop bag holders built in at any major pet supply store. Bag refills are cheaper at Walmart and even cheaper on eBay.

Have pet health records handy.
If something happens to FiFi on the road, the emergency vet you go to will want to see the pet’s health records. Your vet will print them out for you so you will have them.” To read the entire article click here.

Before any road trip make sure RV preventative maintenance is always done. For more information contact A1-RV at 775-348-0909775-348-0909 or visit


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