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Taking Your Vehicle Along When RV Traveling in Reno Nevada

Taking Your Vehicle Along When RV Traveling in Reno Nevada

Are you planning on bringing your vehicle along on your RV trip in Reno Nevada? Here are tips to consider when choosing to bring a vehicle along for convenience.

RV TravelingAccording to an article at, “How to Tow Your Vehicle with Your RV

“Want to bring your car?

Taking a car a long with your RV can give you a lot more flexibility on your vacation. But it can also make the driving more stressful, so keep that in mind. According to, there are three main options to bring your car with you:

  • A trailer: This of course, allows you to raise the car completely off the ground. They’re generally more expensive than other options, but keep wear and tear to a minimum for your car.
  • A tow dolly: This lifts the front wheels of the car off the ground. They’re useful if you can’t tow your car with all four wheels down, and can be easily used for front-wheel drive vehicles without another device to make it towable.
  • A tow bar: The most popular choice, because of its convenience. It’s the option with the least amount of equipment, and usually the least expensive; it also takes up less space than dollies and trailers. Note that not all cars can be towed with four wheels on the ground, so check your manufacturer’s recommendations.”

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