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RVers Love to Travel with their Pets

RVers Love to Travel with their Pets

RVers Love to Travel with their Pets

What RVer doesn’t love to travel with their pets? If you’ve never traveled with your pets, here are helpful tips for RV traveling with a pet.

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“If you have an RV, your pet can travel with you. You don’t need to hire a pet sitter or pay to put him or her into a pet hotel. This probably means you can go on a longer trip as well or at least have more flexibility. But there are some things to keep in mind.

Plan your stops ahead of time
Every dog is different in how they travel and how much noise they make. Maybe you have the rare dog that doesn’t make any noise. Most dogs will bark once in a while. And some will bark constantly when their owner is not around. You may not even know how disruptive your dog can be to others. This means you need to find pet-friendly campgrounds . There is no way to hide a barking dog. Many campgrounds don’t allow dogs at all and others have certain rules you need to follow. The same with state and national parks.

Watch the weather and then plan
RVs are larger but they are still like a vehicle in that they get really hot inside. Your dog can die right in your home away from home. You have to plan your trips with this in mind. Don’t travel around the south in the middle of summer with a dog and expect to have leisurely nice dinners and tourist outings while leaving your dog inside in the parking lot. If you are stopping in borderline warm places, remember how much warmer it gets in the RV even when it’s nice outside.” To read the entire article click here.

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