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RV Winter Tires in Reno

RV Winter Tires in Reno 

Is it time to purchase RV tires? If your thinking of traveling during the winter season the importance for RV tires is a must. Safety should always be the utmost concern on any RV road trip.

 RV TravelingAccording to an article at, “Are Your Tires Safe for the Road?”

“Your RV Tires Are Important

Motorhomes, when delivered from the factory, are equipped with summer or highway tread tires. 

The reasoning behind this is to give you the quietest and most comfortable driving conditions.  A simple highway tread will not add the extra noise of a traction lug to your driving environment.  A highway tread tire will also provide better longevity — always a good thing with the high cost of replacement tires. 

Of course, this leaves you at a distinct disadvantage when foul weather comes your way when you’re traveling. 

To a small degree, you have the advantage of weight.  The heavier pressure applied per square inch of rubber on the road will help in maintaining traction. 

However, this can actually get you into trouble though because while cruising along you may feel stable and under control — only to lose traction and slide as soon as you attempt to stop or slow down.” To read the entire article click here.

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