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RV Winter Storage Tips in Reno

RV Winter Storage Tips in Reno 

No trips scheduled over the holiday season, so RV storage just may be the plan? Here are RV storage tips to consider to prolong the life of your RV.

rv 8According to an article at, “How to Store an RV”

“Wash your RV thoroughly. Any mildew that has gotten a start with be out of control by spring. Wash awnings, wheel wells, tires (street side and undercarriage side), and check all your seals (windows, doors, and anywhere else there are seals.) Make sure your RV is completely dry before storing it inside or covering it with a tarp.

Tires, Bearings and Moving Parts

If you can block your tires, or jack the weight from them it will help keep flat spots from developing on your tires. Your RV has many moving parts, like bearings that could use lubricating before storing. If you store your RV outside consider tire covers. Lighter colored covers keep the tires cooler and help to preserve them longer.

Check everything for cracks, tears, rust, corrosion, loose connections, or any flaw that can worsen while in storage. Fix it now.

Tarps, RV Covers and Moisture

Tarps should be “breathable” so that moisture doesn’t condense beneath it. Moisture can rust or corrode RV parts. It also allows mold to grow, and some, like black mold, can be deadly if inhaled.

Moisture can accumulate inside your RV when it’s closed up for months. Again mold can be deadly, but even when not, it can destroy the interior of your RV. Moisture alone can do its own degree of damage. Setting a container or two of Dri-A0Air or Damp Rid, or silica gel should be sufficient. Alternatively, you can run a dehumidifier, but that means running an electric appliance, unsupervised except for periodic checks, for several months.” To read the entire article click here.

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