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RV Water Supply Tips While on the Road in Reno Nevada

RV Water Supply Tips While on the Road in Reno Nevada

New to RVing in Reno Nevada; it’s a whole new world in the RV lifestyle. If you’re doing your research for upcoming RV trips here are tips to keep your water supply safe while traveling on the road.

RV TravelingAccording to an article at,”Traveling RV and Water Supply”

“There are two kinds of RVers, those that drink raw water right out of the tap and those that don’t. If you are one that doesn’t, you don’t have to concern yourself with water borne illnesses, Of course, depending on what you do drink—wine, beer, tea, or coffee–you may be confronted with other issues.

For those of us that do drink water, and spend a lot of time on the road and in questionable locations, the following measures have kept me and my wife free of typhoid, diarrhea, pathogenic microorganisms, intestinal parasites, and as explorer Owen Lattimore noted while traversing the Silk Road in camel caravans, “Water alone, unboiled, is never drunk. There is a superstition that it causes blisters on the feet.”

• Fill your water tank only from water supplies that are confirmed potable sources, such as municipal, campground, and tested well water sources.

• Every six months sanitize your tank by pouring in one-quarter cup of bleach for every 15 gallons of water in a full tank. Let stand overnight. Drain, fill, and rinse at least twice, or until chlorine odor is gone. Better yet, fill with water and bleach when leaving campground and let it slosh around in the tank as head home.

• Keep the ends of your water hose out of the dirt and off the ground when filling your tank.”

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