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RV Trip Preparation with Friends

RV Trip Preparation with Friends

Thinking about traveling with friends all packed in your RV this spring? Before your RV trip, preparation is the key to a successful RV vacation. 

RVing 3According to an article at, “How to Travel with Friends”

Meet your friends’ friends before you agree to go on holiday with them.

Your best friend may be sure that her work colleague rocks, but if they talk shop all holiday – or it turns out the new addition likes to go loopy on Bacardi when the rest of you are quietly admiring the sunset – you’ll end up hating him or her (and possibly your best friend, too).

Try to spend at least a day with any potential travel companions before you agree to anything – if something jars when you’ve only spent the afternoon together, it’s only going to get worse over a week or two.

Keep it small

The idea of a great gang of you might sound really, really good fun when you’re all planning it at the pub, but if you then spend your whole holiday trying to work out what everyone wants to do – and trying to make sure you all do it at the same time – you’ll end up feeling more like you’re organizing an army manouvre than a holiday.

Share the heavy lifting

Sure, some people are happier cooking, and others would rather do the washing up, but try and make sure the chores (because there are always some) are spread out as evenly as possible. Don’t imagine your friends aren’t seething with resentment when they are left clearing up (again) while you sun yourself by the pool. They are. And they’ll remember it, too.”To read the entire article click here.

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