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RV Traveling Tips for the Winter Months in Reno Nevada

RV Traveling Tips for the Winter Months in Reno Nevada

Are you thinking about having an RV winter wonderland travel experience this holiday in Reno Nevada? If you’ve never traveled during the winter in your RV here are a few winter tips to consider helping you get through this holiday season.

According to an article at, “Winter RV Traveling

“Can we winter camp in any type of unit?

Hard side trailers and motorhomes may be more practical than pop-ups for cold excursions but during John’s military career, he joined friends on several week long hunting trips in a fold down trailer. Although it is easier to stay warm, cut down on drafts and control condensation in insulated units.

How can we reduce drafts and condensation?

  • A liberal bead of putty style caulking seals unused secondary doors while 1/2″ foam ‘stick-on’ strips added to frames of access doors cuts down on drafts.
  • Eliminate cold air from windows by covering them with plastic heat-shrink wrap, seal the outside frame with fingertip caulking. If extensive winter camping is in your future it may be worthwhile to ask your dealer to install thermal windows.
  • We added cafe curtains for decor, when the sun begins to fall we close the blinds. The fabric provides a cushion between the glass and the blinds to keep the cold out and us toasty warm.
  • Outside air is always dryer than inside, during cooking or showers opening a vent or window allows the moist inside air to escape. It also provides healthy air interchange. John and I added a Max-Air cover over our bathroom vent to keep rain and snow out even when the vent is wide open.
  • Spacing several containers of ‘No-Damp’ Crystals (available from RV Dealers) helps remove moisture from the air whether you are living in your unit or storing it. A circulating fan and small dehumidifier also helps when you are in your unit. Keeping your gas tanks half-full controls fuel tank condensation.”

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