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RV Travel is the Best Way to Go

RV Travel is the Best Way to Go

Is your family looking for a vacation on a budget? Did you know that RV travel is a very economical vacation that has endless opportunities?

rvAccording to an article at, “How You Can Save Money While Traveling in an RV

“The experience has convinced me that RV travel remains the most economical and exciting way to vacation – especially during uncertain and stressful economic times. In addition to saving money, my experience confirms that RVs provide vacationers with freedom to stay in the best places, flexibility to do more, and the comfort of their own, familiar living space.

For the record: During our RV adventure, I pulled a 20-foot-long travel trailer weighing about 2,800 pounds with a half-ton rated pickup truck. Winds were much stronger than usual on the open, flat landscape and our average fuel efficiency was about 13.5 miles per gallon for the entire trip. We camped in public parks owned and operated by the State of Texas with camping and access fees averaging less than $25 for each 24-hour period combined. Water and electricity were provided at each campsite.

We prepared most of our meals inside the camper, preferring not to eat at restaurants in nearby towns or cities. There was no cost for meals above and beyond what we normally would have spent at home while not on vacation. There were no additional costs for our leisure activities, which included hiking, fishing and kayaking, all within the state parks boundaries.”

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