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RV Traffic Laws: How to Navigate From State to State

RV Traffic Laws: How to Navigate From State to State

If your a relatively new to navigating on the road traveling from state to state in your RV. Learn how to navigate on your next RV road trip when traveling from state to state.

7388303_sAccording to an article at, “RV Travel Tips”

National laws specific to RV travel are similar to those for other large vehicle transport. For example, RVs must stay in the right lane except for left turns, when exiting the highway, or when passing. Trailer brakes and safety chains are a universal requirement, as well as the breakaway switch. The breakaway switch regulations do, however, vary from state to state in regard to how much weight is allowed before the break away switch is required.

Other examples given in the blog post relate to total legal length limits in each state, and even fluctuating speed limit laws in states such as Texas. Right turn on red light laws vary in states as well, and hunters passing through New England had better beware of bringing firearms along. Some states even legally require you to beep prior passing another vehicle.

Travelers looking to get away for the winter can save a lot of money by investigating laws before hitting the road.” To read the entire article click here.

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