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RV Storage Tips From A1-RV in Reno Nevada

RV Storage Tips From A1-RV in Reno Nevada

Even with the most experienced RV owners space is always a concern in Reno Nevada? Isn’t that life’s dilemma from your home to your RV, want some RV storage tips? Here are a few tips on how to maximize space in your RV. Happy travels from A1-RV!

According to an article at, “Much Needed RV Storage”

“Even the most spacious of RVs and seasoned RVer’s struggle with space; RV living can require some creative thinking when it comes to storage, but don’t start downsizing until you’ve read these RV storage tips!

 Maximize Wall Space- Use tacks or putty on the inside of cabinet doors to create space for papers, maps and magazines to hang.  These items will be kept out of sight keeping your RV looking clean.   

Under the Bed- Create storage under your bed.  This is a great place to store extra linens, books or other items.

Add Shelves- Rubber-covered metal shelves can help you maximize your storage space.  Most RV cabinets are tall on the inside and leave wasted space above. By securing the legs of shelves to the cabinets, additional storage space is added.

Nest your Kitchen Ware- Nesting your kitchen items inside each other is a great way to save space.  Stack your pots and pans inside each other and stack all the lids on top.  Fitting your kitchen supplies together gives your more cabinet storage for other items.

Need help downsizing?  Declutter your RV by following more organization tips!

Rectangular Storage and Boxes-   It’s important to group like items together so you stay organized on the road.  Rectangular baskets and storage items help save space by fitting next to each other nicely.  

Roll your Clothing- Instead of folding or hanging your clothing which takes up space, roll up your T-shirts and pants into tight bundles to help stretch your wardrobe room!

Driver Side Storage- Adding a small rack that fits on the wall of the RV under the driver side window is a great way to house items the driver commonly needs.

Adding Rear Storage  – Platforms off the rear of your RV are another handy space to store any necessary items that don’t have a home inside your RV.”

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