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RV Safety Driving Tips for Beginners in Reno Nevada

RV Safety Driving Tips for Beginners in Reno Nevada  

Will this be your first time maneuvering an RV? Here are RV safety tips that every newcomer can appreciate.

rv 1According to an article at, “Safety Driving Tips”

Driving an RV, whether a motor home or travel trailer, is more like driving an 18-wheeler than driving a car or pickup. It’s smart to learn to drive your RV under all driving conditions long before you take your first trip because there are too many ways you can get into trouble.

RV Weight Considerations

The sheer weight of your RV far exceeds the weight of the average daily driver, so you should expect it to handle differently. Controllable weight considerations include:

RV type: travel trailer, motor home or pop-up tent

What you pack into your RV–Supplies, appliances, clothing, blankets, gear, etc.

Towed items: trailer or car

  • Water
  • Fuel
  • Propane tanks
  • Weight Distribution

Before you pull away from the curb be sure your weight is balanced. Where you put everything in your RV will affect how your RV handles on the road. Distribute the weight evenly on both sides of the RV, as well as front and back.

If you are pulling a travel trailer or 5th wheel, it gets more complicated. Too much weight on the hitch or in front of the RV axels will lose traction on the front wheels of your tow vehicle. Too little weight on the hitch loses traction on the rear wheels. Balance the weight over the axels and the hitch, and put less weight in other areas.

Stock your RV with lightweight items, such as plastic dishes rather than ceramic plates, and aluminum rather than steel cookware. Follow that thinking with every non-disposable item you bring.” To read the entire article click here.

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