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RV Organizational Tips

RV Organizational Tips

If you’re like many RVers that store their RVs in the winter, what more than a perfect time to organize your RV? Here are RV helpful organizational tips. Just think when spring comes around you’ll be ahead of the game. 

RVsAccording to an article at, “Having a Hard Time Organizing Your RV”

“Organizing your RV can mean the difference between taking what you want and leaving things behind. Organizing a RV doesn’t just mean taking things though, it also helps keep your RV from being overloaded as well as ensuring things don’t shift during travels. Let’s look at some tricks for organizing your RV so you’re never missing what you have at home!

One of the best ways to get more room in drawers and cabinets is to line them. This allows you to utilize a non-slip surface which can keep items like plastic containers and Ziploc bags from shifting, damaging other items you’re storing.

Whenever storing anything in pass-thru storage or in storage compartments, use plastic containers, trash bags or even cardboard boxes to keep them protected from dirt and debris. This also helps you organize things in such a way that it’s more like a grid than a cluster, which gives you more room to store items.

Using drawer units, boxes and freestanding shelves can help create more room in a cabinet, depending on what you want to store in it. Many organization stores carry a variety of sizes and units that can work within RV cabinets. Based on what you’re storing, these may come in handy and make a difference.

Adhesive hooks can help store towels, sweatshirts, jackets and other items. You can use disposable bags and hanging systems on these adhesive hooks to make room for other items as well. There are two types of adhesive hooks: Adjustable and permanent. Using adjustable gives you control on every trip of where you store hangable items.” To read the entire article click here.

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