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RV Maintenance Gas Saving Tips in Reno

RV Maintenance Gas Saving Tips in Reno

One the major cost of RVing is the cost fuel. Without putting a damper on your road trip, here are tips on how save fuel through RV maintenance.

RV6According to an article at, “Gas Saving Tips”

“Following Proper RV and 5th wheel truck maintenance.

Maintenance is important to keep your engine performing on all cylinders. Keeping the vehicle tuned up and in top running condition saves fuel. A poorly tuned engine can lower fuel economy by 10 to 20, so ensure your unit is in tip top shape. Here is a RV maintenance checklist compiled from many RV owners. Use it to double check your vehicle.

  • A clean air filter allows more air in to burn the fuel, and clean injectors and carburetors control the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber.
  • Many drivers have found an improvement by using synthetic oils.
  • Be sure your tires are in good shape. Many tire manufacturers now offer a tire specially designed for RV’s which improve ride, stability and MPG.
  • Check your wheel bearings are properly lubricated to reduce drag.
  • Drum brakes should be properly adjusted to reduce drag.
  • Be sure your front end is properly aligned to reduce tire wear, and resistance against the forward motion of the RV.
  • Your shocks have to be in good shape to keep the tires on the road and providing more traction, control and a better ride.
  • Some RV owners recommend placing a bug screen in front of your radiator to keep bugs out of the radiator fins. This will keep the fins free, the engine running cooler, and therefore the clutch fan will stay off longer resulting in improved performance.
  • Drain and back flush the cooling system annually will help the RV run cooler resulting in less clutch fan engagement time and thereby improved performance.
  • Make sure the RV is running at peak efficiency, and tuned up. Be sure to double check all wires, such as the plug wires, all vacuum lines and gas lines free of cracks. Wires and lines often encounter wear and cracking due to the extreme heat they encounter.” To read the entire article click here.

RV maintenance is not just about safety, but also prolongs the life of your RV for years to come. For more information contact A1-RV at 775-348-0908 or visit

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