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RV Driving Tips: How to Maneuver Up and Down Hills

RV Driving Tips: How to Maneuver Up and Down Hills 

If this is your first RV trip, will you be driving up and down hills in order to reach your RV destination? Here are tips on how to maneuver through an area with hills without damaging the brakes.

RV TravelingAccording to an article at, “Recreation Vehicle Driving Tips”

“RV Uphill Climbs

When climbing long inclines, your RV needs to be operated within its power band.
The power band is a span of engine RPMs where you have the maximum horsepower available to handle the extra load imposed when going up long inclines.

This becomes even more noticeable with diesel engines. Their power band is usually a rather narrow band of RPMs. When operated within their assigned power band, you will have a tremendous amount of pulling power. Fall below that RPM, and it will do you no good to push harder on the throttle. All you’ll get is more black smoke coming out of the exhaust.

To stay within the power band, you must downshift to a lower gear, and you may even be required to let off the throttle a bit so the engine can work more comfortably. Pushing too hard will only create more heat and increase the likelihood of overheating.” To read the entire article click here.

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