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RV Class Description

RV Class Description

Doing your research on which RV will best fit your travel needs? Here are tips on the pros and cons on the different classes of RVs.

RV6According to an article at, “Characteristics of RVs”

“Motorized RVs (motorhomes)

A motorhome consists of a combined motor vehicle chassis and living quarters in a single unit. There are three types or class of motorhome to consider:

1.  Class A Motorhome

Description:  Has a bus type front end and is the roomiest of all RVs with luxurious amenities. Class A’s can be fueled by either gas or diesel. A gas fueled RV will generally be less expensive to purchase and maintain. A diesel fueled RV will have certain advantages, such as, more torque for climbing hills, better braking and airbag suspension and can pull more weight

Typical Amenities:  Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom (including shower, sink and toilet), dining facilities and slide outs. Comes with electricity, heating, A/C, generator, water and propane gas, stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, sink, sofa and two televisions

Length:  26 – 45 feet

Sleeps:  Up to 8 people

Price:  $60,000 – $600,000 (new)


  • Best visibility for sightseeing with full windshield and high elevation

  • Larger tank (water, fuel, LPG, holding) and battery capacity than other models, useful for extended dry camping

  • Hydraulic levelers

  • Lots of amenities and optional extras

  • Smoother ride

  • Larger storage compartments

  • More room for driver and passenger

  • More room inside the RV

  • Access to the whole RV without ever going outside (big plus if it is dark or raining outside)

  • Climate inside is easily controlled when traveling as you are in the living quarters

  • Don’t need to use restrooms at a campground or RV park to take a shower

  • Can easily tow a small car behind for local drive” To read the entire article click here.

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