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Recreational Vehicles and Driver License Requirements in Reno Nevada

Recreational Vehicles and Driver License Requirements in Reno Nevada

Are you thinking about purchasing an RV this summer in Reno Nevada? Learn more information about RV driving license requirements.  

RV TravelingAccording to an article at, “Do You Need a Different License to Drive an RV?”                                                   

RV Driver’s License Requirements

Individuals operating large recreational vehicles often ask if a special driver’s license is required. Because driver’s licenses are issued by each state (and Washington D.C.), the rules vary.

We have researched RV driver’s license requirements for all fifty states plus D.C. and compiled the summary below. Our primary source of information was the official driver’s license web sites for each jurisdiction. In cases of insufficient or conflicting information, we called the appropriate departments to confirm.

Commercial Driver’s License

When discussing driver’s license requirements for large RV’s, the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) topic often follows closely behind. To answer common questions about the CDL, we have compiled the following summary:

  • CDL is administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • FMCSA defines minimum requirements that all states must meet when issuing CDL’s
  • States are free to define more stringent CDL rules
  • FMCSA regulations only address commercial motor vehicles (CMV)
  • RV’s used strictly for recreational and other non-commercial functions do not meet the FMCSA definition of a CMV”

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