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Recreational Vehicle Checklist in Reno Nevada

Recreational Vehicle Checklist in Reno Nevada

Has it been awhile since you took you’re family for a weekend RV trip? Before the celebrations start did you get your RV inspected by the best RV mechanics in Reno Nevada? Here are a few suggestions you may want to consider getting inspected.

29sb-1024x768According to an article at, “RV Safety Requirements

“Although you haven’t put any active stress on your RV’s mechanical structures while it was in storage, there are still many parts that need to be examined, tested, and maintained before you head out on the road.

In addition to checking your water systems, propane system, and electrical systems for safety and proper operation, the mechanical parts and structures should be checked not only after your RV has been in storage for a while, but periodically when in use, as well. Your RV manual should indicate how often these inspections and maintenance should be carried out. From your manual you can make an RV checklist tailored to your RV’s mechanical safety requirements.

RV Mechanical Systems in General

If you have a motorhome, you’ll have to inspect the mechanics of both your engine and your generator (if you have one) in addition to all the mechanical parts common to trailers or fifth wheels.

Our Airstream manual specifies both a frequency as well as a mileage range for each of several categories of mechanical systems. While the specifications may be different for your RV, the list of items to check should be similar. Our list includes testing the following:

RV Safety Checks-Mechanical

Escape window: Open it and make sure the latches and upper hinge function properly.

Tires: Check for cracks in the tread or sidewalls, tread peeling away from the tire, missing chunks of tread, and depth of the tread. Also check to be sure your RV tire ratings meet or exceed the recommended rating for your RV. Finally, check the tire pressure in each. Check tire pressure when tires are cold. Rotate your tires per manufacturer recommendations.

Spare tire: Check to be sure it is safe, inflated, proper size, and rating. Check the tire storage and lubricate moving parts.

Hitch: Check your hitch thoroughly. Raise and lower it using both RV battery and tow vehicle power to be sure both work. If it’s rusting, sand it down and paint it. Check your chains, emergency brake wire, power cord, pins and bolts. Are your blocks/foot intact? Is anything bent?

Hitch ball latch: Check trailer hitch balls for damage and lubricate with non-detergent motor oil.”

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