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Ready to Start Living the RV Lifestyle Full Time?

Ready to Start Living the RV Lifestyle Full Time?

Going from a four bedroom home to an RV is a huge lifestyle change. So where does one start when choosing to live the RV lifestyle full time? Here are helpful RV tips to consider when just starting to RV full time.

RVsAccording to an article at, “RVing Full Time”

  1. “You don’t need all that stuff.
    You need about 8 outfits so you can do laundry once a week. You won’t need THAT many shoes. You won’t use all those kitchen appliances you had in your house. Most gizmos marketed for RVers are either useless or simply not necessary. Wait until you are on the road a few months before buying any-thing, this way you’ll know exactly what you need and you won’t waste any money. If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.
  2. You can’t postpone cleaning up.
    Everything has a place and everything must be in its place. Anything that is not in its place sticks out like a sore thumb and will get in your way. You don’t have the counter space or sink capacity to let dishes stack up, plus it will attract ants. Clothes that come off must go directly to wherever you found a spot for a dirty clothes basket. Trash gets taken out almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Clean laundry must be put away immediately because you’ll need that basket for your dirty clothes. If you wait 8 days to do laundry, you’ll be doing them in your jammies.
  3. Be proactive about pest control.
    If you see one ant, he is just the scout. He will go tell the other 244,000 ants in the mound that you haven’t done the dishes yet. Kill him. Use long lasting spray in every nook and cranny you can reach. Use powder outside around any cords or hoses that come from the ground up to your RV, and around your wheels. Turn on all the lights in your RV after dark, then go outside and see all the places critters can get in. Don’t forget underneath your RV. Fill all the holes and gaps with RV sealant, expanding foam, etc.” To read the entire article click here.

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